What has brought about Ancient Transformational Technologies

Transformational technology has been the driving passion of many new age scientists since before the time of Nikola Tesla. People have sought it in the hopes of becoming rich beyond Midas or immortal. Some have come close to the secret and some may even have found it.

However the technology itself keeps its own secrets; desiring it for any reason other than to assist mankind to ascend and to ascend yourself taints the process and closes the eyes of the searcher. The desire to turn the discovery of ascension technology into personal millions or billions has kept the technology a mystery and the secrets out of the hands of the people.

The driving passion continues and some still find the answers; or at least some of the answers. Ormus, White Powder Gold, and the harnessing of Aetheric energy life force are some of those secrets that have been uncovered.
The frequency of the earth is changing and with it are our goals and priorities. This pursuit is not about the age old dreams of power and control and riches, but rather about health, healing, and energizing food with life. It is about creating a field of energy around your area that is not subject to the negative destructive rays of HAARP. It is about genesis. It is about not aging. It is about staying well and being unaffected by the poisoned air. It is about fun and love and the shift of the ages

Our Mission Statement

Ancient Tek is dedicated to supplying Transformational products and services at affordable prices. We were formed for the purpose of research in life extension and quality of life enhancement.

Transformational elements utilize life force. This is defined in ancient literature as Od, Aether, Orgone, and, in the body, as Chi and Prana. This same life force has been defined in today's scientific world as Aetheric Energy, Quantum Energy, Dark Matter, and Superluminous light. It works not only at the physical level but the emotional and mental and spiritual levels as well.

Our products are based on this life force. We hope you enjoy your experience.