Advanced Alternative Research with Vernon Roth

Welcome to a world of advanced alternative technologies. Years of research and development, experiments and ideas have created a knowledge and understanding that inspires and cultivates innovation to push forward and learn, develop and share.

Vernon Roth

Vernon began studying Electronics and Mechanical Design at a very early age. When in his early 20's, while studying Physics and Psychology, Vernon learned of the essential interconnection between forces of energy and forces of nature. 

For the last 15 years, Vernon has studied and developed technologies and formulations that use this interconnection to generate energy, to heal and educate to higher levels of consciousness.

The Spark of Life water at is an example of this. 

Using these principles and the technology of Tesla, Keely and others, Vernon and his family have been working to develop an understanding of sustainability and environmental cleanup. For the past 8 years Vernon has worked in industry, applying this knowledge to developing technologies to reduce pollution and waste. This has re-iterated the need for radically different thought and extraordinary consciousness in all our systems and lifestyles.

Vernon's Next Speaking Engagement....

The ExtraOrdinary Technologies Conference