Advanced Alternative Research with Vernon Roth

Welcome to a world of advanced alternative technologies. Years of research and development, experiments and ideas have created a knowledge and understanding that inspires and cultivates innovation to push forward and learn, develop and share.

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Vernon's insight on Joe Cell Technology

    The Joe Cell, a truly emergent technology and vital
for understanding the workings of matter and energy,
open to anyone who has a desire to experiment and
explore the true nature of reality, was developed more
than thirteen years ago in Australia. Since its
creation it has suffered ridicule and attack,
misunderstanding and infamy. But those who study and
build these devices attest to their authenticity and
ability to create motive power and alternative energy.
So what is a Joe Cell anyway?
    With a cursory glance, the Cell, gaining notoriety
because of recent efforts to quench its use and
research, is difficult to understand.  Is it a
hydrogen generator? Is it an Orgone accumulator, able
to tap the  Aetheric Flow? Or is it something more,
something barely hinted at in the few books and
writings researchers are willing to put on paper?
    The Joe Cell is a chamber which, using specially
'charged' water from certain sources, emits an energy
that is capable of powering engines. After the initial
charging stages, the cell becomes an environment that
draws aether/ life-force energy and packs it into a
usable location, allowing access into the infinite sea
moving around us. 
    Our research has shown phenomenal uses in
non-Hertzian energy, matter manipulation, healing,
well-being and longevity. 
    At the conference, the stages of charging water will
be presented, as well as tips for construction and
experimentation, because we believe it is vital that a
researcher build and create their own cell.  Also
discussed will be methods for obtaining, refining and
even creating seed water for your cell. Various cells
and chambers will be shown and the elements to fill
them will also be displayed. 
    Participation in this field is vital, if only because
it is being suppressed. Join us in this endeavor as we
map this undiscovered country and build the future.

Past HHO Workshop, focusing on the possibilities and applications of these units

Quite a lot has been said in the past about how to build good electrolyzers and while  new ways to accentuate HHO production and quality will be presented, this workshop will explore new and powerful uses for Off-the-Shelf Hydrogen/Oxygen generators. Any good Brown's Gas or HHO generator can be used for these exciting and innovative applications: Health and beauty, home heating and cooking, waste remediation and trash processing. 
We will look at all the components needed for each of these applications: ground straps, safety bulblers, back-flow preventers, “plumbing” for heaters, plastic recyclers and more.  
The focus in the workshop will be on self-sufficiency and community building. This country has become very centralized, with power generation, water sanitation and trash processing. The latter part of the workshop will teach the basics of Hydrogen communities: How do we build up and support each other as we explore and develop the technology of true self-reliance.

Check back for more research and insight coming soon.....

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