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Ancient Tek Books

The Gate
 By: Danae Harding

Art of the Psychic Warrior
 By: Danae Harding

Elements of Transformation
 By: Danae Harding
 and Vernon Roth

Perceptual Motor Workbook
By Danae Harding

 Aether: A Experiential Notebook
 By Vernon Roth

The Masters Process
 By: Danae Harding


The Gate
by Danae Harding
The Gate Cover

This book is the story of the building of the Sacred Geometrical Structure that is a gate to the conscious, and unconscious. It has gone through many names as its development has taken its builders through many adventures of learning. The Story includes the story of one of Danae's personal Spiritual Masters.


The Art of the Psychic Warrior
by: Danae Harding
Psychic Warrior Cover 
Psychic Warriors come in all shapes and sizes. They do all kinds of jobs and missions. The same is true for Dark Agents. Dark Agents are individuals, in form or out of form, from this dimension or from other planets, that manipulate behind the curtain to satisfy their own agendas. They come to us in all kinds of formats and ways. They find our vulnerable spots and cause us all kinds of problems.
• Learn the principles that govern the art of psychic defense
• Be able to recognize the symptoms of different kinds of attacks on yourself
• Be able to access the degree of danger and determine if you are capable of handling the attack or if you need help.


Elements of Transformation
by: Danae Harding and Vernon Roth
Elements of Transformation
Using the Infinity Bible Code and other research we have complied a concise
structure of the elements as seen from both an alchemical and contemporary view point.



Aether: An Experiential Notebook
by Vernon Roth
Aether notebook
This book is a compilation of the experiences we have had working with subtle energies. We are going to call that energy Aether. Throughout history, others have called it by other names. Wilhelm Reich called it Orgone. Baron Karl Von Riechenbach called it The Od or The Odin Force. In its various permutations, it is called Chi, Ki, and Super Luminous Light.


The Masters Process
By: Danae Harding

This book connects the dots that allow the quantum leap into the next level of mastery. You will learn what it means to be an Ascended Master and how to proceed through the earth classes to become one. It is one of the best kept secrets on the planet. Learn how to evaluate exactly where it is you are currently and outline the next steps in your personal evolution.

This book has tuned into its own web site and is available to everyone at

Note: themastersprocess.com will be updated with new meditations, visual and audio guided imagery and more as time passes.

Perceptual Motor Handbook
By: Danae Harding
Perceptual Motor is the process that the mind uses to take in information, process it, store it, and then access it to use it. As development proceeds, the wiring can go awry and create glitches in the program that we call “learning disabilities.” Accidents, illnesses and traumatic experiences can also injure or disrupt the processes and cause the neural circuits to break down in areas.
    This is a detailed manual to teach how to tell if there are neural malformations and disruptive feedback loops. The second half of the manual contains the process of repairing the areas through specific movements designed to create new connections and pathways that correct the dysfunctional areas. This system was developed by George Kephart working through Purdue University. The program was further refined by his assistant, Elizabeth Davies of Visalia, California. The workbook was designed to go along with a workshop / class offered by Danae Harding., a therapist trained by Elizabeth Davies.


      This book is a study guide to accompany The Masters class that Danae Harding Teaches and as such is not a complete manuscript.