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Bio Resonance Repatterning Through Voice Analysis
 by Danae Harding

We are in the midst of a revolution focusing on the study of consciousness.

More and more scientists are expressing doubts about the neurologists' brain-mind model because it fails to answer so many questions about our ordinary experiences, as well as evading our mystical and spiritual ones. And more and more researchers are expressing the belief that memories and feelings are held in the cells of the body as much, if not more, than in the mind.

They are finding that as memories and patterns are stored in the cells, they then become a regulating body of beliefs that limit us and define our existence even if we change our "minds."

Since mind-consciousness exists in the cells and not in the brain alone, attempting to correct patterns by merely addressing the brain is not the answer. It becomes necessary to address the problem where the memory of the event or experience is stored.

As a nutritional councilor or 30 years, I have seen many products come out with claims of miraculous properties and then drop into mainstream. Along the way, the result rates stayed about the same -30 -40 %. And there have been the miracles that turned into nightmares for some. But each time a new wonder hit the scene, I watched as some individuals found just what they needed but others would get well for a time and then return to their previous low level of health. Symptoms that should have disappeared did so only to resurface after a brief reprise. I came to believe that each individual has his or her own belief about what is possible for them to attain. Each person has his own “healing ceiling” and no matter what they try they cannot break through. Some have higher ceilings than others and so receive the physical correction to the problem that the herb or vitamin or other nutritional support is supposed to provide. These ceilings are not mind sets exactly, but are stored in the cells of the body.

While some have been studying consciousness, others were looking for clues to evaluate and discover just what are the indicators of those ceiling.· It was in this search that the process of voice analysis was developed. It was found that the voice is an accurate map or holograph of the body energetics. Every individual has a unique voice energy print which can be charted. It was found that these voice frequencies relate to physical, emotional, genetic, and nutritional conditions.

When placed on a graph, the voice often reveals patterns of sound frequency energy imbalance. That energy imbalance was where the ceilings were hiding.

Repatterning should have been simple. Just introduce the missing --frequencies-- and Waaa Laa!! But it did not work that way. The pattern would shift but on the next print it would return to the original wave form.

I found that I was not alone, other researchers were having the same problem. Try as we would, the pattern could not be replaced or overcome by simple frequency re-patterning. Combining forces and working together, we decided to add a little touch of the magical world of new age physics.

First we introduced the ancient principle of Sacred Geometric shapes. The pyramid carries vortexes of energy up a center cone within it. To amplify that energy movement we added a magnetic floor. Now we had Life Force assisting us, but one thing was still missing.

The body is mostly water and to actually make a memory impress it had to have an element that could be easily entrained. That is when we added gold to the mix and came out with a winning formulation.

By the use of a gold cream or a aetheric gold drinking water, we were able to not only effect the shift in frequency patterns, but to make them hold in the cells.

This exciting new "energy medicine" has benefits ranging from relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, pain management, improved sleep quality, decrease in sleep requirements, emotional release of anger and fear, removing the healing ceiling that limits the state of health you can experience, removing the other ceilings that you might have in matters of love, wealth, satisfaction, etc.

The use of bio-resonant reprogramming can profoundly accelerate the healing of personal issues and makes it possible for an individual to quicken the pace in the direction of their dreams. This process can play a large role in healing old wounds of the soul and in the releasing that is so necessary to stop those events from creating limitations in any area of a persons life.