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N-State Elements

This is an alchemically created water that has Noble Metals imprinted within it.
These N-state (non-atomic) elements are truly "Spirit Elements" The n-state Spirit Element is detectable in the water through some means of scientific measurement, but defies detection with others.

In the mountains of the American Southwest, there is a sacred ancient Native American site. In the ruins, pictographs were found that depicted gold being put in water and ceremonial participants who were physically renewed when they drank the elixir.

In the Grand Canyon, at an ancient Native site, a room was found which had a lightning rod 3 inch in diameter descending through the cliff, it ended at a large water bowl in a chamber below the rod. In this room, the walls were covered with white powder.

Long before Solomon, Moses was trained in the Egyptian Priesthood: he knew the arts of the Magi. When he ordered Aaron to strew the burnt gold upon the water and have the children of Israel drink it, he was using his training to provide the people something that would help them to survive in the wilderness during the long journey he was planning. What form did he put the gold into to make it water soluble or consumable? When heated, gold does not burn, it melts. Only as a fine powder can it be made consumable, although it still would not be water soluble. The powdered gold would just fall to the bottom, or if it were fine enough, would float on top. The next big problem to overcome is that metals are not body friendly.

All three of these peoples were changing gold to catch the element in its aetheric form. Using what we learned from all their processes we developed a technique to do the same.

The first stage is to offer the Aetheric a template of an element but then use an electrical vortex that interfaces with water as the path to become manifest. This creates a bond between the water and the element in its determinate stage. The newly organized element is now in the energetic stage of a Non Atomic element and is bonded to water. This allows for easy and efficient absorption by the cells of the body. In this manner, we can truly say that we create a bridge between the physical nature of this world and the aetheric nature of the next dimension.

Reproducing the ancient technology, we create a concentrate of gold. We make it in triple distilled water. After the process, the water tastes acidic; the gold can be measured with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter in parts per million. We take the concentration to 6,000 parts per million. The only thing that shows up with either x-ray spectrograph or atomic absorption, is distilled water because, since the gold is still in its spiritual, aetheric, or energetic form, and is not have an atomic structure, it is spectroscopically invisible.

There is a short video about the development uses of this process and the products results, take a look
 Aetheric Gold