... Creating Alchemical products to
Raise Vibrations, Rejuvenate
and Facilitate Healing in the

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Notice of Indemnification

With regards to Spark of Life water and the concentrated elements; the water contains aethericl electrical potential and can cause a shock when not properly discharged as directed on the bottle. If you allow or cause yourself to be shocked by the product, either on your own or in a group. you do so at your own volition and at your own risk.

When using the N-State Elements you do so with the understanding that it is not approved by the FDA for human consumption and all elements affect individuals differently, there is no recommended dosage when taking these products and you do so at your own risk. If you experience discomfort or an adverse reaction discontinue use and see your heath care physician. 

All Ancient Tek creams contain herbs which may cause discomfort to some people. Anyone experiencing discomfort, should immediately discontinue use. Creams contain no preservatives or stabilizers. They are completely natural and contain no commercial chemicals. For this reason there is a shelf life. Products should not be stored or purchased in quantities that cannot be used in a reasonable length of time.

All persons selling, purchasing, using all products made by Ancient Tek; such acts shall serve, to commercially bind said person(s) to indemnify and hold Ancient Tek, and all of its owners, officers, agents, contractors, inventors, distributors, and affiliates, harmless from all liability, claims, damages, losses, and expenses, whether direct, indirect or consequential (including but not limited to attorneys' and consultants fees and other expense of litigation or arbitration) in regards to the use and results 'of all Ancient Tek products.

All Ancient Tek products are experimental and are to be used at your own discretion.

There are no medical claims or promises for any of the products and no recommendations for use are given or expressed. Consult your preferred health care practitioner for medical advice.