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Ancient Tek Creams

Ancient Tek Cosmetics
Ancient Tek Creams are Multi purpose and made with all natural oils, with a blend of herbs and essential oils.

Note: The aetheric components of these creams can cause them to become unstable and separate.
This does not change its value or function.

We have not been able to work the kinks out of these creams and changes to the recipe are ongoing to try and prefect them.
We suggest that they are refrigerated.

News on the Creams:
We are changing the base of the creams from Sunflower Seed oil to Jojoba Oil in all of our creams. This makes the creams more moisturizing and nourishing to the skin with less allergic reaction for those with sensitivities.  

There is a short video with information information about our creams, take a look 
Ancient Tek Creams

Pharaoh's CreamPharaoh's Cream
 2 oz. $16.00

Description: This cream was derived from a recipe found in Egyptian initiation ceremonies of the priest and priestesses in the pyramids. It contains frankincense, myrrh, calamus, amica, and the white powder of gold. These are in a base of Aetheric waters, namely gold, silver, and copper.    
    Uses: This is an excellent moisturizer for the face, hands and body. As it supports and heals the skin it reduces wrinkles, reverses damage done by sun, chemicals and other harsh elements in our environment. It has been used to alleviate pain and help with issues caused by arthritis and other joint disorders. The ORMUS qualities can block and render some radiations inert.

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Restoration Cream
 2 oz. $16.00

Description: This cream has the same base as the Pharaoh's Cream with elements specific to bone and joint aid. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A and D, as well as MSM, Coral Calcium, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine.    

    Uses: This cream is joint specific, it regenerates and helps rebuild the tissues and cartilage in the joints. It holds the same moisturizing and healing properties as the Pharaoh's Cream, with the added support for the joints.

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Silver Defense Cream
     2 oz. $16.00
    Description:  With a base of aetheric and colloidal Silver, teas of Tiaga and amica flower, plus the oils of oregano, lavender, myrrh, sage, and frankincense. Along with aetheric gold and copper.

    Uses: The herbs and oils used in this cream work in an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature. For skin disorders and ailments this cream has proven very helpful. 

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Comfort ZoneComfort Zone
     2 oz. $16.00

    Description: A base of Pharaoh’s Cream with the oils of trees, menthol and peppermint, we add ginger and devils claw in a tea as well as bromelain and papain as an added enzyme.

    Uses: We use this cream for strains and pulled muscles, damage to tendons and sore muscles.

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Bug Bites Be Gone Cream
       2oz. $16.00 

    Description:  A simple cream in an aetheric gold base we use the essential oils of Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Cinnamon.
    Uses: As a preventative for insects and bug bites. As well as providing relief for irritating bites and stings from insects. The combination or oils kills the bacteria left in the skin and provides relief and numbs pain as well.

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Body Spray's

Body sprays are used to regenerate dead cells, rebuild natural compounds in the skin and repair damage done by the sun, chemicals, age, burns, and abrasions
Using the Aetheric Elements and ancient process of embedding the elements into water we can use these elements as the ancients. Bringing  about health, wellness and raising our vibrations. Beauty for our Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Beautiful Face
      2oz  $6.00

    Description:  Aetheric Gold @ 1,000 ppm.    
    Uses: Gold revives and revitalizes damaged and dead cells. Revitalizing cells allows for younger and healthy completions. Used in the eyes this has healed damage done by heat and light, as well as scratches and abrasions. It naturally put moisture back into cells and heals on a cellular level.   

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Appealing body SprayAppealing
      2oz  $6.00

    Description:  Aetheric Copper  @ 1,000 ppm.

    Uses: N-State copper holds moisture in the skin allowing the body to rebuild collagen naturally which fills out and smoothes the skin.

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Healthy Skin
      2oz  $6.00

Description:  Aetheric Silver  @ 1,000 ppm.

Uses: Healthy Skin kills bacteria and works to heal abrasions and damage while minimizing infection. 

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After Sun
      2oz  $6.00

    Description:  Aetheric Gold  @ 1,000 ppm with NaPca.
    Uses: The Gold heals and revitalizes the cells and the NaPca replenishes the natural salt that skin produces. Together they prevent and repair sun damage when you are in the heat and rays of the sun.
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      2oz  $6.00

    Description:  Aetheric Gold  and Copper @ 1,000 ppm with NaPca.

    Uses: For skin protection and repair. Hydrate adds one more element of protection to skin  with the combination of rejuvenation, hydration of the cells and replenishment of the natural salt of the skin. Working in unison to protect the skin, replenish and repair. 

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Sancturary Oil of Sanctuary
     .5 mil.  $4.00

    Description:  An ancient blend of 5 essential oils. These oils are: Cinnamon, Cloves, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus.

    Uses: This combination of oils has been used to prevent the spread of bacterial infection, ease pain, it can also treat burns. This has been used with spider bites, and mosquitoes, and can help with treatment of viral skin infection such as the flesh  eating virus and so much more

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