... Creating Alchemical products to
Raise Vibrations, Rejuvenate
and Facilitate Healing in the

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Glacial Milk. (Ormus)

When ormus is analyzed, it reveals itself as a spectroscopic blur. Science has come to call it Aluminum Silicate because of the extent of the blur. It contains no metallic aluminum but it does have 22% by volume trace elements. This spectroscopically undefined element has been called in our time, White Powder of Gold, even though this has no way of being verified. Ormus does appear to have many of the same effects that the ancient cultures attributed to their WPG. In ancient Sumeria the White Powder of Gold was called Shem-an-na. In Egypt it was known as Mfkzt. It has been called the Fruit of the Tree of life, and Star fire Gold of the Gods. And in the middle ages as the Philosopher's Slone. It was believed that WPG would facilitate extraordinary life spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to perfection as possible. We would say today that it would vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses. The recorded benefits of White Powder of Gold include: - Enhanced mental clarity. Greater insights into self and life situations - Feelings of expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge with Increased intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation - Biofeedback research indicates that individuals become more balanced and calm with a clear decrease in emotional reactivity and greater relaxation - Ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective - Enhanced life spans and enhanced healing capabilities The reported effects of this substance center around the mind an~ the powers of the mind, but the also have effects on the body. These same effects have been reported by users of Ormus. Ormus was rediscovered in our time by Dave Hudson. At first it was called Orme and believed to be an orbitally rearranged monatomic element. But the name was changed to Ormus to reflect the enigmatic nature of the, really undefined element. Ormus was the word that the Templar's gave to the Philosophers Stone. Ormus can be made by the use of chemicals reacting in salt water, or it can be found naturally occurring in the residue left behind by retreating glaciers. This Glacial Milk has been found to have properties that are similar to those described by the ancients. It blocks radiation, has restorative powers, and facilitates remarkably long life spans. Whatever it has been called and wherever it comes from, it was much sought after by kings and rulers. Solomon mass produced it and secured peace in his time by selling it to other kings. You couldn't go to war with the supplier of your spice. In Egypt the Mfkzt was used to feed the Ka or 'light body" It was considered regenerative and was called the bread of enlightenment. In Egypt it was defined in this manner: "I am purified of all imperfections ... I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus ... I come by the immortals without dying ... " It was symbolized as a lotus flower. This same lotus eventually found its way into the chakra teachings. They taught the ascension process through the four levels of earth into the Kether, or power of God. In the bible code, gold is the transformative power. It is metaphored as the resurrection of Lazurus. It is given to Jesus at his birth along with Frankincense and Myrrh. The three were the primary ingredients in Solomon's "spice."