... Creating Alchemical products to
Raise Vibrations, Rejuvenate
and Facilitate Healing in the

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Spark of LIfe and N-State Noble Element  

For more information about Aetheric or N-State Nobles, what they are  and how they came about.... Information on Aetheric Elements

Spark of Life

For Information regarding Spark of Life, Please contact Ancient Tek office. 
There is also a short movie on YouTube about the development and of this technology. The Spark of Life part one and part two.


N-State Noble Gold
 8oz. $30.00

Description: Aetheric Gold. N state Nobles is distilled water that is infused with the signature of gold, changing it from H20 into H20Au.

    Uses: It has been related to the reconnections of the neural pathways of the brain increasing memory, reasoning, mental acuity, as well as intuition, and psychic abilities.

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N-State Nobles Sun and Stars
8 oz. $45.00

    Description: A premixed combination of N-State Elements @ 6000ppm. Consisting of Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Copper.

    Uses: This combination of elements that work in unison. Gold raises the vibration the body for the spiritual journey. Platinum fortifies the nervous system. Palladium will facilitate a smooth transition. Rhodium opens your eyes and awareness. And Copper prepares the body for these changes.

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N-State Nobles Platinum
2 oz. $20.00
4 oz. $30.00

Description: Aetheric Platinum. N state Nobles is distilled water that is infused with the signature of Platinum.

Platinum increases cellular frequencies, enables smoother physical transitions related to Earth's electromagnetic field fluctuations and celestial energy changes. Platinum ray activity within the light body which unifies dimensional aspects taking them beyond individuated being to integrate with All That Is. This activity increases quantum communication at the speed of light between physical cells of the nervous, sensory and perceptual systems.

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N-State Nobles Palladium
2 oz. $20.00
4 oz. $30.00

    Description: Aetheric Palladium. N state Nobles is distilled water that is infused with the signature of Palladium.

    Uses: Palladium works with
vision, reparation, regeneration of sensory tissues and structures. Amplifies the non-local nature of inter-connectedness of all things within the light body and translates this non-locality amplification into the physical sensory organs.

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N-State Nobles Rhodium
2 oz. $20.00
4 oz. $30.00

    Description: Aetheric Rhodium. N state Nobles is distilled water that is infused with the signature of Rhodium. 
    Uses: This element helps in central nervous system mostly above the brain stem, supports physical healing, being researched for treating cancer.
-state material initiates and activates the "Chariot of Divine Fire" in the cells as a multi-dimensional matrix. Activity is thus not focused on one dimension of the cellular matrix, but rather on the entire dimensional spectrum of it simultaneously. This Divine Fire transmission emanates from the Original Fire which gave birth to the universe.   

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N-State Nobles Copper
2 oz. $20.00
4 oz. $30.00

    Description: N-State Copper at 6000 ppm A transitional, purifying and hydrating element.
    Uses:It corresponds to the master frequency of the body. We consider this a transitional element, working to purify and cleans as it rids the body of corruption to allow for the raising of vibration. Externally is works on any skin disorder, from acne to leprosy. Cleansing the bacteria, and destructive elements from the skin. It provides a necessary element of maintaining and regaining hair color. It also works to hydrate the body both internally and externally, as it maintains hydration in the cells.

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