... Creating Alchemical products to
Raise Vibrations, Rejuvenate
and Facilitate Healing in the

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Danae's Projects

The Sirius Project,

This project is not serious as the name implies, but rather equates to the Star, Sirius in the constellation of Canis Major.  Each Tetrahedron is places to mark a point on the arch of circle. The circle represented here is the orbit of Sirius through the heavens. The first being the rising point at 111 degrees, the second is the stars zenith at 155 degrees and the third is 249 degrees where Sirius sets.

It is our thought and belief that the placement of these tetrahedrons, connects with and pulls the inherit DNA of the Sirius system to earth activating and embedding this DNA in every life and organism on the planet. Heightening and enlightening the body and mind to new possibilities, in individuals and the world. This set is located on a larger circle that is Aetherically active with aetheric power generators at the same degrees.

We started with raw quartz crystal and cut and polished them to build Phi ratio tetrahedrons with crystal crucibles at there centers. These are filled with aetheric noble elements, the pools act as a conduit for these patters to impregnate and propagate that life force DNA.  This is rebuilding and  healing our bodies and our planet from the patterns that have been emerging and hindering our growth and well being as we've come into alignment with the galactic center of the the milky way galaxy.  

The Aetheric Antenna is at the center of the circle.  It is also made of quartz crystal, the dodecahedron is has within it a octahedron that makes a tri polar magnetic field putting the crucible of aetheric noble elements at zero point. This combination acts as an telecommunication antenna into the aetheric conduit that carries the DNA pattern from Sirius. 

From this experience we have seen two effects, first was about 2 months after the activation of the circle. Scientists found a new base pair of DNA in humans and animals suddenly appeared. The function and purpose is unknown at this time. The other affect is after the project had been set up for a few months, the aetheric noble element liquid in the crucible evaporated and what was left was a white powder.  Did this experiment produce the legendary White Powder of Gold? Is it  multiplying the crystalline element that is surrounding the noble concoction? The mystery of alchemy continue to emerge and we will continue on the process to find out the truth of the what comes about from these experiments.



Aetheric Energy Book

The past projects, devices, research and recreations that have brought us knowledge and experience in the Aetheric Energy field. These pictures are the accompaniment 



Our Tree of Life or Star Gate...

...As some have called it, is a device constructed of sacred geometric objects. It was channeled by Danae Harding and each piece plays its part. From the double star tetrahedrons spinning in the lower portion of the octahedron with the caduceus coil around it, to the upper potion of the octahedron there is a sphere with a standing platform with a precise circuit board within it. This is a meditation chamber, meant for mental and spiritual growth.

People who have meditated in the chamber have experienced shifts and changes in time, reality, perception, thoughts, ideals and life paths.

It has gone through many renovations and changes and as we continues learn we will share our upgrades and experiences.   
For more Information Danae has written a book about the gate detailing the building and experiences so far on the journey. You can find it on the the Ancient Tek Book page, and look for:  The Gate

The pictures of Danae's Stargate or Tree of life.

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